Sunday, March 15, 2009

Things I Don't Want to Forget

Time flies. Nathan turns two next month and it just doesn't seem possible, I can still clearly remember being pregnant with him and checking off the days till my due date - and the days after the due date! These first couple of years are full of constant change - learning, discovering, developing, etc. I don't want to forget these days, so here is a list of what I want to remember from this past week!

I predict lots of scrapes and bruises on those knees this summer!

- One day this week Nathan was doing something he should not have been and I said no and then spelled it out "N-O" and he replies "P", it was so cute and I laughed about it all day long. (It took Mark awhile to figure this one out)

- He is now able to reach the light switches, but only when they are in the down position. Which means lights are getting turned on all the time now, but not off!

Nathan's determined look.

- Around Christmas time he learned how to say Jesus and began to recognize him in books and pictures. And now for some reason whenever he sees a statue or figurine of a man he thinks it is Jesus. Our neighbor has a concrete statue of some Saint and the other day Nathan ran up to his flower bed and was so excited to point out "Jesus" to me.

- He is very sensitive to situations on the TV when someone is yelling or getting hurt. Every time he watches "Cars" he comes to me during the crash scene with a worried look on his face, he does the same with Curious George when George gets in trouble. It melts my heart that he already has a sense of compassion at such an early age.

- Blowing kisses! Finally Nathan has broke down and started giving kisses and hugs when asked...usually we would settle for high fives. This week he started making the kissing sound by sucking in his lower lip, it is very cute and I love to hear it when I am closing his door for naps and bedtime.

He decided it was fun to shoot himself with the water gun.

So even though the "terrible twos" are right around the corner and the tantrums are coming more often than in the past, these are the things I don't want to forget!

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  1. The N-O...P story was so cute! Actually all of it is so cute. I'm sure he'll love reading this when he's older. I can't believe he'll be two so soon! That was very fast.