Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Conversations with a (almost ) 2 year old

One of the few times Nathan has fallen asleep on the couch.
(Daddy was in charge this day - just wanted to justify the clothing choices!)

I just put Nathan (decided to just use his real name) to bed for the second time tonight. I know most kids have been asleep for hours but we tend to have later bedtimes and consequently later wake up times around here. The first time Mark put him down while I listened over the monitor as they read a quick book and said their prayers. Shortly after Nathan started talking up a storm, saying his letters, repeating his best friend's name over and over, and finally calling for mommy until I could not take it anymore.

Ever since we let Nathan cry it out at 8 months he hardly ever falls asleep anyplace besides his bed or carseat. He doesn't want to be rocked or cuddled, which is unfortunate for me but at the same time it makes bed time very easy! So tonight I brought him into our bedroom (Mark is watching an action movie...not what Nathan needs to fall asleep watching) and we laid down and started talking.

First we said letters to each other, he would say one and I would say a new one until we ran out of letters. Then he started naming tv characters (I think because he wanted to watch them) so I just answered back with another character until we exhausted that list as well. Next we did some colors and numbers. Every once in awhile he would get the giggles and we would make each other laugh by just smiling. It was a wonderful 20-30 minute conversation with my boy, I can't wait to see them progress in the coming months and years.

Now for some more pics (which probably what you would rather see than read my rambling story!)

Getting some energy out after church and before nap time on Sunday.

Sandals! So excited to find some that fit his feet without leaving marks,
he is wearing a size 7 now, don't know if that is on par for his age or not.


  1. I love that chubby little foot. Runs in the family.

  2. Love that outfit picked out by Daddy. You can always tell when Daddy dresses them, can't you? What's really said is that Daddy dresses himself like that sometimes too. At least in my house.