Sunday, February 15, 2009

Here Goes Nothing...

So I finally decided to make the leap and join the blogging world. I have been following blogs for awhile now. I enjoy keeping up with far away friends, crafty moms whom I have never met, and military wives from which I gain wisdom, all from the comfort of the little corner office in our bedroom.

I am not sure how often I will post here, but I hope to share family updates, crafty things, and anything else that I find amusing. The first order of business is to announce that I have opened an Etsy store The Purple Elephant in order to be a part of a big event that starts Monday Feb. 16th!

About 2 weeks ago I received an email from a family member asking everyone to pray for a little girl name Cora who was diagnosed with cancer. A couple of days later I found that family's blog and read every post with tears streaming down my face. I didn't even know them (though I did some research and I played HS basketball against the mom and my grandpa lives in their neck of the woods) but my heart broke as I followed their journey, one a parent should never have to walk.

Cora's story has touched many people across the blogging community, a blogger that I follow was so touched that she decided to put her talents to good use and it snowballed from there. I am excited to be part of a huge Etsy sale benefiting Cora Paige, more details to come in the next post!


  1. It's so amazing of you and others to donate your talents to keep the memory of this precious little girl alive. Thank you. Seeing acts such as this makes me want to do something to make life better too.

  2. hey there..I started a blog this week too in large part b/c of the peek at the blog community I've had thru the Cora story. She is so precious and I think about the Macs a lot. I had never heard of Etsy before cora's story either. Anyways... a fellow new blogger who has also been touched by sweet Cora and her parents.